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We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.
George Orwell not only wrote one of the most brilliant books in the English language but had insights into our contemporary diet. The simple idea of increasing the amount of raw plant foods in our diet gives our body valuable food enzymes. Just click the […]


These raw plant foods such as fruit, vegetables, sprouts, beans, nuts and seeds all have enzymes which assist your body to absorb their nutrients. When these foods are cooked the enzymes are thought to be destroyed. Many people who live on a diet of cooked and processed food are deficient in enzymes and consequently do not get the nutrients they need from their food. Just click the […]


Many people who live on a diet of cooked and processed food are deficient in enzymes and consequently do not get the nutrients they need from their food.This can be overcome by increasing the amount of raw food eaten. Digestive enzymes supplements are often also required after years of processed food. Just click the […]


Indoor plants are not only attractive they also clean the air inside your home. They do this by absorbing a wide range of chemicals given off by household items. These chemicals can cause dermatitis, breathing difficulties and eye irritation. Just click the […]

The Last Frost

The Spathiphyliumin (as seen in the photo) along with gerberas and Kentia palms remove benzene which is given off by synthetic fibres, petrol, plastics, inks, oils, detergent and rubber. Trichloroethylene from paints, inks, dry-cleaning, varnishes, lacquers and adhesives are also removed by Spathiphyliulms and gerberas. The Sansevieria (Mother-in-law’s Tongue) will remove formaldehyde from the air. Formaldehyde comes from foam insulation, plywood, clothes, carpeting , furniture and household cleaners. Just click the […]


A wide range of household plants will ensure you cover a full spectrum of indoor pollutants. Start experimenting with raw food and see the increased energy that starts to enter your life. A special thanks for Jackie for sharing two wonderful links that show how to create a workable garden ANYWHERE', and I do mean anywhere, and at NO COST’ except a few packets of seeds.. Just click the […]

Friendly House

Jackie has sites I love to visit because she has the most wonderful food and herb info. My mouth waters everytime I visit, and now she has shared this great info as well. Where I plan to buy my house the soil is clay and won’t be good for growing food. I look forward to following these guidelines and building up my own soil from rubbish I would normally throw away. Just click the […]


I can use anything that will break down in the soil, so can’t use glass, or plastic or nylon, but most other bits and pieces do break down and what a wonderful way to create rich soil. The guidelines are really clear. Here is the first link which gives a summary of what to do.. Just click the […]

Puke Green

The second link shows the process is the form of a simple diagram. I hope these links can be shared with as many people as possible. It is so important at this time that we all look at new ways to renew our soil and obtain our food. Just click the […]

Pisces Place

When the palm tree in my planter box died I was disappointed. But I dug out all the roots, put in organic soil and replanted with edibles.. In the middle I placed a lemon tree with blossoms and got beautiful fruit.. At different times I grow a range of plants including kale, onions, nastursiums, parsley. Italian parsley, chives, strawberries and lavender. Just click the […]

Green Cars

Mint I grow separately as it spreads quickly. Where you have access to water and soil it is always possible to grow something edible.. All it takes is a little nuture. Wilted plants usually revive with a quick water. The frangipani in the front pot has summer leaves which shade my plants from the summer sun. Just click the […]

The Vegan Diet

We can all grow an aloe vera plant. Mine is rather large but they come in all sizes. t prefers a warm spot but can grow indoors. It prefers a warm spot but can grow indoors. Aloe vera is one of the first medicinal plants in history, and is sometimes known as the first aid plant. Just click the […]


You simply split open a leaf and apply the soft moist gel to cold sores, sun spots, insect bits, bruises, sprains, skin rashes, fungal infections, and general aches and pains. Apply a little on your face and see how tight and fresh your skin feels. A friend undergoing radiation was told by medical staff to use Aloe Vera when vitamin e no longer soothed. They reported quick relief and that their skin healed well after treatment. Just click the […]


Aloe vera you grow yourself is best, it is fresh and has no additives. We can all grow one of these hardy plants even in a small room. Before you next go to the chemist think about aloe vera and its `simple healing ways’. Just click the […]

Renewable Energy

Chemicals given off by plastic have long term effects on our planet, our food chain, our bodies. Breast cancer cells have been shown to multiply quickly in plastic laboratory containers, but not in glass. The simple way to change this is to only buy items sold in glass. Just click the […]

A Raw Idea

Supporting sellers who are prepared to use glass is a simple way to help our world. The more people that do this the more our world changes. Save all your glass jars for storage and sharing. Nothing like fresh flowers in a glass jar. Am guest this week on a wonderful site Pass Green Gas If you want to hear about really interesting environmental updates I suggest you bookmark this site. Just click the […]

Clean Inside Air

Synethic fibres are made from petroleoum derivatives and other chemically based raw material. Use of these materials creates pollution and uses up our resources. Natural fibres are renewal. Just click the […]

Better Little Gardens

Organic fibres are even better. These are for example cotton that has been grown without pesiticides or chemicals. At our local organic markets on Sunday I came across two wonderful young people selling clothes from organic cotton. The feeling and quality of the cotton was so special and I look forward to buying some of their great items. Just click the […]

Little Gardens

Came home motivated about organic cotton and added an organic cotton tee shirt featuring this sites logo to my online store. Converting to natural fibres, organic where possible is a simple way we can all change our world. Just click the […]

Aloe Vera

Not only was my work renewed but from the strength of this connection I could see clearly my direction. I allowed time for silence this weekend and renewed my connection to `The Creative Spirit’. My head had been scattered and it was hard to access the wonderful creative flow that is there for us all. Just click the […]

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